An AMAZING Baseball Day

The College World Series was on ALL day. It’s strange to hear the clank of an aluminum bat hit a baseball, and the feel of the fans and the game is so different than MLB, and very fun to watch.
Then, not only did The Yank’s win (Thank God), but Boston lost, Toronto also lost-to The Nationals-so we’re not the only ones and The Dodgers @ Angels was an amazing game. It was surely playoff caliber playing and almost like a tennis match going back and forth and back and forth. Pitching was great, hitting was great, fielding was sick and the fans were outstanding. Living here in So. Cal, it’s all about The Dodgers or The Angels and since I live about 10 minutes from “The Big A” I can’t help but be a fan. The Angels won-in near walk-off fashion. When the Friday Fireworks went off-I could hear them from my house.
I’m also a fan of The Dodgers, definitely more since Torre became The Manager last year-I can’t help but love the man, and I miss him with The Yankees. And I have to admit that since Manny Ramirez joined The Dodgers-the team has a completely new feel. I was really disappointed when he got suspended, I love watching him play, yes-even when he was with The Red Sox. Truth be told, I actually really enjoy watching The Red Sox play. They are a great team, of course I always want them to lose-but I still like watching them them play.
Tonight’s game-The Dodgers @ Angels…Oh I can’t wait. It’s Weaver vs Weaver, of course that would be more fun at The Dodgers ballpark because they would actually be pitching to each other-but this will still be good. They are both very good pitchers, I’ve seen Jared pitch more than Jeff-but they almost look identical on the mound, it’s a trip. I actually thought that match-up was going to be last night and I was very disappointed I’d have to wait till today to watch, but last nights game was anything but a disappointment.
I hope today’s baseball is a repeat of yesterdays. The Yanks win, Boston loses, Toronto loses and “The Brothers” give us a show.

“And The Yankees…

Inexpilcably & inexcusably go down 2 games to 3 to the Washington Nationals.” ~Michael Kay.


WOW. I mean, WOW. I’ve never heard MK sound so PISSED at a loss. BUT WOW, SO TRUE.

And today was the last day of my little experiment. I DID NOT WATCH this game, and The Yankees-well, you know…They umm, LOST AGAIN to THE NATIONALS. My Superstition is gone, I no longer wonder if I am in some strange way cursed (at least when it comes to The Yankees winning or losing games) when it comes to my love life-that’s a different story.

I had no intention to watch today’s game, hence the fact that I thought that the game was at it’s usual time, 4 PM Pacific.

I was really surprised to start up my computer after my MRA appointment at 6:30 PM here to find that the “Postgame alert for the New York Yankees” email had already hit my computer. “Wow, quick game.” I thought. Ummmmm….No. The game started, or was supposed to start at 1 in NY. Long delay was more like it, not quick game.

As if my head didn’t already hurt terribly bad from the ultra noisy MRA, not to be confused with an MRI. If you EVER know anyone going for an MRA tell them to wear ear plugs, even if they have headphones with music. The MRA noise and the MRI noise do not even compare. If you think an MRI is loud, huh…I think I nuclear bomb might be quieter. Seriously.

Anyway, as if my head & neck didn’t already hurt terribly from the MRA…I pondered whether to wait for the Highlights on MLB.TV or just open the email and see by just how much The Yank’s won. I had guessed that it would be a blow-out. Something even better than their 15-0 win from (what seems like) a year ago to The Mets-something like 20-0. It could happen. Hell, it NEEDED to happen, and besides-I wasn’t watching. They had to win.

So, I decide to just screw it and open the email. I’m not the most patient person, the game wouldn’t hit MLB.TV for at least an hour and I thought I had already done pretty well by not trying to watch the game at all.

All of a sudden not only my neck & head hurt but I’m left to crawl on my hands and knees blindly searching the corners of the other side of my bedroom for my eyeballs after I saw this:

Washington 3, N.Y. Yankees 0 at Yankee Stadium

I read it again. And then again. It took me at least 4 times and a lot of blinking to understand that not only The F’N NATIONALS won AGAIN, but THE F’N YANKEES didn’t score AT ALL.

This is officially a very SH*TY day.

After I calmed down, I went to to see what ELSE happened in the incredibly cruel world of MLB when I spotted the headline:

Gardner carted off field after hitting outfield wall

Oh my GOD. I hope he’s ok. Now I’m not so mad. I hope he’s ok.

Then I saw Sports Center, I saw all of the nothingness that was in the stands and on the field. Urgh. Gag. Oh, and I also saw Gardner sitting up and talking, seemingly just fine-being carted off of the field. Yeah, he hit the wall pretty hard, and bonked his head whiplash style…I suppose it could have been bad. But lets face it, they were suckin’ it way before he hit the wall and-didn’t he catch that ball anyway? Hmmmph.

Oh, and THEN…I see this lovely little article:


Sox proving they are East’s best

Boston shows mettle by winning nine of 12 vs. top teams

PHILADELPHIA — The Evil Empire has been inhaling strong fumes from Red Sox Nation exhausts for a week now. That’s how long it’s been since Boston knocked the Yankees out of first place in American League East during an impressive three-game sweep.

In fact, the Red Sox have taken all eight games from the “Empire” this season. That’s a bad omen for the Yankees, who paid heavily during the offseason with the sole purpose of returning to the top perch in the division their goal.

Anything short of playing postseason baseball in the luxurious new $1.5 billion House That George Built will make 2009 an utter failure.

But when you’re in the heavy traffic of the American League East and not on the front end, the air gets a little heavy following the leader.

F’N  F  YOU  A**HOLE!   F YOU!

I couldn’t read more than that. But if you want to, here’s the article. STUPID ARTICLE BY Hal Bodley

What’s funny is that he wrote this article 3 days ago. BEFORE we lost the series to THE NATIONALS. Oh, I can’t wait to see what comes out now. GOD!

Can ya tell-I’m a little pissed? God how today SUCKED.




Yes, No…Maybe So.

I watched today’s game. The Yankees lost today’s game. To The Nationals. I suppose, thankfully-that no one can say that The Nationals played as they have been-which hasn’t been good. So, they played well…Then again, Wong pitched and for a little bit there I thought he would do what needed to be done. But, he did what he has been doing…Handing it over. And then, unfortunately-our offense couldn’t produce. Close, but no cigar.

I won’t watch tomorrow’s game. Even if I wasn’t having an MRA done at the same time the game starts-I still wouldn’t watch. Yankees will win tomorrow. Just wait and see.

Deadliest Lover?

I’m not crazy. I’m not even stupid. I’m a completely rational person. So are most people who love Baseball and who PLAY Baseball…But there’s something intertwined with Baseball that’s not new.

“Superstition is good for a ballplayer. It has psychological effects. It keeps a player’s mind revolving around baseball.” – Lefty O’Doul
OK, sure…But I’m not a player!
Lately, well…I’ve felt it before, but lately I’m really starting to believe that if I watch a game-The Yanks Lose! If I DON’T watch a game-THEY WIN!
When this really came into focus is the 2nd game of the NYY at Red Sox. Yes, I watched the first game. They lost.
For the 2nd game I, of course was watching. But I haven’t been doing very well-health wise-and decided to lay down it was the top of the 5th inning. I kept the computer on, but I wasn’t watching. I peeked in to see what was going on, and The Yanks had scored. I stopped watching. I peeked back in-it was the 8th inning and we scored 2 more in the 7th. We were within one and the win was so close…I couldn’t help it-I kept watching and, guess what? We lost-again.
When I watched, we couldn’t do anything. When I stopped watching, we’d score…When I continued to watch the rest of the game we ended up loosing. Urgh.
I know it has nothing to do with me, right? But I’m in love with The Yankees.
A Psychic once told me that someone had put a curse on me, when it came to love-I was doomed to lose. And so far she’s been right. Does that transcend to my love of The Yankees? No, no…That’s just crazy. All of it. I’m cursed?!? No. Can’t be true.
But I watched the next game, on and off, here and there and it was torture. It was more and more of the same. When I watched-the most improbable thing happened. Big Papi hit a home run off of CC! Come on! For the entire season Papi couldn’t hit! He had only 3 prior to this, Francona had dropped him in the line-up! And I sat there and watched it fly over the Green Monster and it physically hurt. 
I stopped watching right after THAT. But watched again right after the 7th inning and we had scored 3. So I kept watching, I couldn’t help it…We could win this one…We were so close. Eventually Giardi would take CC out of the game, put Aceves in and we ended up losing…And I watched the entire thing unfold.  
The next day was the 1st game of The Subway Series-Mets @ Yankees. My friend, Amy came over to hang out with me and I felt rude to continue to watch the game, and besides…Maybe I shouldn’t.
I got involved with my conversation with Amy, and watching DEADLIEST WARRIOR on SPIKE, (Amy made comments about how I am such a guy with Baseball on my computer and clearly a guy show on TV. I completely agreed.) I had been semi-watching it for hours-it was a marathon of the show. I’d never seen it before, but I love that kind of stuff. If you’re into something like who’s more deadly- a Viking or a Samurai-this show is for you.
So, between talking with Amy and watching warriors I would take a peek at the game. Over and over again I would be faced with the fact that when I wasn’t watching, we’d score. When I’d watch, like in the top of the 5th inning-The Mets would score.
I kept freaking out about it, and Amy would just look at me, roll her eyes when I would exclaim after tuning into the game and watching for a bit, “I CAN’T WATCH! LOOK WHAT HAPPENS!”  The Mets would score.
And she’d roll her eyes just the same after I would tune out of the game-and we had scored-like in the 6th. “SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I DON’T WATCH-WE SCORE!!!” I was frazzled.
I took a long break and didn’t check back into the game until—-
A-Rod was in the batter’s box, the count was 3-1. It was the bottom of the 9th and we were down by one. Jeter and Texeira were on base. The next pitch was about to be thrown!
“Oh my God, Oh my God…I can’t watch, I can’t watch!”
I frantically closed the game completely down on my MLB.TV, and I slammed my laptop closed.
“I can’t watch!”
Amy laughed at me. “Do you seriously think that YOU have ANYTHING to do with a game that’s across the freakin’ COUNTRY?!? You’re crazy V!”
“Hey, you’ve seen what’s happened ALL NIGHT. I watch-no good. I don’t watch-good. Right!?!”
“That’s coincidence.” She tried to say convincingly.
“Yeah, well I’m not taking any chances. I closed the game down and later on we’ll see what happened.”
What happened? Only the craziest thing ever. Right after I shut the game down and slammed my computer shut, A-Rod pops up and Luis Castillo drops the ball.
Would he have caught it if I were watching? We’ll never know.
Trust me, I know…It’s all crazy talk. And trust me, it isn’t as though I need the weight of The Yankees fate on my shoulders-I have ENOUGH going on…Just read my diary
I had to get this crazy superstition out of my head, right? Right.
You might guess what happened on Saturday. The exact same thing that happened on Friday. Except I watched the game-the entire game.  The Yankees Lost. Interesting.
And, it is kinda freaky when things like me staying up all night on Saturday (writing a post for my diary) and sleeping until about 5 minutes before the game was over on Sunday. (I am on the West Coast, so sleeping until a little after 1pm when you go to sleep at 7am isn’t that odd.) I tuned into TBS to see right after the last pitch had been thrown.
The Yankees won 15-0. A complete SMACK DOWN, and I hadn’t seen any of it. Interesting.
Today is a very slow day for baseball. There’s only a couple of games being played and thank goodness-The Yankees aren’t one of them.
Was that crazy psychic right? Am I cursed when I’m in love? Right when I express and write about how I’m in love with The Yankees, these “coincidences”  happen?
Maybe I should pay some psychic to cleanse me of that supposed curse? I’d like to have a boyfriend that sticks someday, and I’d like to be able to watch The Yankess-I love them and I want them to WIN, to win it ALL. 
Or maybe I should do what I always do—ignore all of it. Keep believing that I’ll find love and keep watching The Yankees. If love is meant for me, it’ll find me. If The Yankees are meant to win, they will.
Afterall…How real can a curse be?
What do you think?

Why I Love Baseball


Ohhhh Baseball…How I love you.
do I love baseball? For lots of reasons. Lets get the obvious out of
the way first. When it comes to Major League sports, I have no doubt
that there is not a better group of good looking men. The players are
HOT. Posting pictures of every good looking man in baseball would take
me hours…So, I’ll just concentrate on my boys, The Yankees.
Derek Jeter
Derek Jeter Big Smile.jpg                           
Johny Damon 

johnny_damon bat.jpg

Johny Damon Smile.jpg
Francisco Cerveli 
Francsico Cerveli JPG.JPG                                        

Brett Gardner
Brett Gardner Steals.jpg
Brett Gardner Hitting.jpg

Andy Pettitte
andy-pettitte-warmups-180.jpgMelky Cabrera

Melky Cabrara.jpg                                       

Joba Chamberlain

Joba-Chamberlain Pitching.jpg
20_joba_lgl.jpgYes, they are quite a yummy group. Hmmmmmm. Makes me happy.
is just one endless parade of eye candy. But it isn’t a hard and fast
rule. It isn’t as though it’s a prerequisite. (Is it?)  No, of course
not. There are exceptions. But even if a player isn’t particularly good
looking, MOST baseball players have great bodies. I’m thinkin’ butts,
legs, arms. But, as I write this I am trying very hard to put Tim
Wakefield’s beer belly out of my head.
imagesbeerbelly.jpgFine. I guess it isn’t THAT bad…Then again, who knows? That could be Tim…

Thumbnail image for DSC03893.JPG
ICK. I had to look at it WAY too much the other night when he pitched
his stupid knuckle ball to my precious Yankees and they lost to The Red
Sox for a second time in a row and for seven straight. And now I’m
trying to put that very vivid memory out of my head.  Oh, the horror.
Oh the pregnant-like waddle. Oh God, I think I’m gonna puke.

I’m back. Nasty, nasty taste lingering in my mouth. But that’s mostly
from all of the losses to the Red Sox, compounded by the fact that one
of them was dealt to us by Mr. Prego Red Sox. Urgh.
Shake it off. Shake it off.
boys in baseball are hot, have great bodies & unfortunately-there
are exceptions. Lets not go there anymore than I already have. No need
to linger in the unpleasantness.
have legitimate reasons to love baseball-its not all about T&A or
in this case A&B (Arms & Butts). I love baseball because of the
GAME itself. 
I Love:
  • The crack of the ball hitting the bat just so-and you know that it’ll be a home run.

Home Plate Happy.jpg

  • The duel between hitter and pitcher. The manager’s pulling the strings from their respective dugouts.


  • I even love the anxiety when the opposing team have 1st, 2nd & 3rd
    taken with only 1 or 0 outs. Will he get out of it? Will there be a
    grounder, a double play? Will there be a pop up and a throw to home?
    Will he hit it through the middle? Will there (GASP!) be a Grand Slam?

  • The
    insane run-downs on the balls hit into the outfield, obviously with
    (when they’re good) no care for their own health and safety. Web Gem’s


  • The crouched Catcher. Sorry, can’t help it.

Thank you Lord for Francisco Cerveli.
Mo thanks you too.

  • The excitement of The Yanks on all the bases, the question of how many are we going to score, not IF we are.

  • I
    love knowing the strike zone and knowing when the umpire is off-it
    doesn’t matter if we’re batting or pitching. I know-that’s the point.
    But, I do express my gratitude or absolute disgust if the wrongness
    doesn’t go our way.

  • When
    infielders dive or jump to grab a ball from reaching the outfield. Or
    catch the all important pop-up in the bottom of the 9th. (Luis
    Castillo). Web Gems rule. What a GEM!
Huh, I guess he does have two hands.

  • And I even like it when for one reason or another-the benches clear. What!?! I can’t help it. Someone snaps and the sh*t hits the fan and BAM! Men everywhere! No, I don’t like it when things get physical. I don’t want anyone getting hurt or suspended. It’s just fun to see them almost get there. Warning’s to both benches. The ante goes up and immediately the game just got a whole lot better. Hee, hee, hee.  

Bench Clear.jpgI miss Bobby on OUR team.

  • That
    makes me think of Manger’s getting into the faces of the Umpire’s. Angry,
    nasty verbal assaults. I wish I could hear-even though I can read lips
    rather well-it isn’t the same.

Girardi Argues Ump.jpg

OK, so I like hostility. They’re MEN, we’re all HUMAN. They should do that stuff and I as a woman-like it.
Is it any wonder that I also love Action-Adventure & Sci-Fi movies, a good fight scene and guns?
I know…I can’t help being the perfect woman. (Yeah Right!) Now, all I need is the
perfect man. (Yeah, Right!)  But, until then I have an entire league of them doing what
I love to see…
Play baseball.

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