Deadliest Lover?

I’m not crazy. I’m not even stupid. I’m a completely rational person. So are most people who love Baseball and who PLAY Baseball…But there’s something intertwined with Baseball that’s not new.

“Superstition is good for a ballplayer. It has psychological effects. It keeps a player’s mind revolving around baseball.” – Lefty O’Doul
OK, sure…But I’m not a player!
Lately, well…I’ve felt it before, but lately I’m really starting to believe that if I watch a game-The Yanks Lose! If I DON’T watch a game-THEY WIN!
When this really came into focus is the 2nd game of the NYY at Red Sox. Yes, I watched the first game. They lost.
For the 2nd game I, of course was watching. But I haven’t been doing very well-health wise-and decided to lay down it was the top of the 5th inning. I kept the computer on, but I wasn’t watching. I peeked in to see what was going on, and The Yanks had scored. I stopped watching. I peeked back in-it was the 8th inning and we scored 2 more in the 7th. We were within one and the win was so close…I couldn’t help it-I kept watching and, guess what? We lost-again.
When I watched, we couldn’t do anything. When I stopped watching, we’d score…When I continued to watch the rest of the game we ended up loosing. Urgh.
I know it has nothing to do with me, right? But I’m in love with The Yankees.
A Psychic once told me that someone had put a curse on me, when it came to love-I was doomed to lose. And so far she’s been right. Does that transcend to my love of The Yankees? No, no…That’s just crazy. All of it. I’m cursed?!? No. Can’t be true.
But I watched the next game, on and off, here and there and it was torture. It was more and more of the same. When I watched-the most improbable thing happened. Big Papi hit a home run off of CC! Come on! For the entire season Papi couldn’t hit! He had only 3 prior to this, Francona had dropped him in the line-up! And I sat there and watched it fly over the Green Monster and it physically hurt. 
I stopped watching right after THAT. But watched again right after the 7th inning and we had scored 3. So I kept watching, I couldn’t help it…We could win this one…We were so close. Eventually Giardi would take CC out of the game, put Aceves in and we ended up losing…And I watched the entire thing unfold.  
The next day was the 1st game of The Subway Series-Mets @ Yankees. My friend, Amy came over to hang out with me and I felt rude to continue to watch the game, and besides…Maybe I shouldn’t.
I got involved with my conversation with Amy, and watching DEADLIEST WARRIOR on SPIKE, (Amy made comments about how I am such a guy with Baseball on my computer and clearly a guy show on TV. I completely agreed.) I had been semi-watching it for hours-it was a marathon of the show. I’d never seen it before, but I love that kind of stuff. If you’re into something like who’s more deadly- a Viking or a Samurai-this show is for you.
So, between talking with Amy and watching warriors I would take a peek at the game. Over and over again I would be faced with the fact that when I wasn’t watching, we’d score. When I’d watch, like in the top of the 5th inning-The Mets would score.
I kept freaking out about it, and Amy would just look at me, roll her eyes when I would exclaim after tuning into the game and watching for a bit, “I CAN’T WATCH! LOOK WHAT HAPPENS!”  The Mets would score.
And she’d roll her eyes just the same after I would tune out of the game-and we had scored-like in the 6th. “SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I DON’T WATCH-WE SCORE!!!” I was frazzled.
I took a long break and didn’t check back into the game until—-
A-Rod was in the batter’s box, the count was 3-1. It was the bottom of the 9th and we were down by one. Jeter and Texeira were on base. The next pitch was about to be thrown!
“Oh my God, Oh my God…I can’t watch, I can’t watch!”
I frantically closed the game completely down on my MLB.TV, and I slammed my laptop closed.
“I can’t watch!”
Amy laughed at me. “Do you seriously think that YOU have ANYTHING to do with a game that’s across the freakin’ COUNTRY?!? You’re crazy V!”
“Hey, you’ve seen what’s happened ALL NIGHT. I watch-no good. I don’t watch-good. Right!?!”
“That’s coincidence.” She tried to say convincingly.
“Yeah, well I’m not taking any chances. I closed the game down and later on we’ll see what happened.”
What happened? Only the craziest thing ever. Right after I shut the game down and slammed my computer shut, A-Rod pops up and Luis Castillo drops the ball.
Would he have caught it if I were watching? We’ll never know.
Trust me, I know…It’s all crazy talk. And trust me, it isn’t as though I need the weight of The Yankees fate on my shoulders-I have ENOUGH going on…Just read my diary
I had to get this crazy superstition out of my head, right? Right.
You might guess what happened on Saturday. The exact same thing that happened on Friday. Except I watched the game-the entire game.  The Yankees Lost. Interesting.
And, it is kinda freaky when things like me staying up all night on Saturday (writing a post for my diary) and sleeping until about 5 minutes before the game was over on Sunday. (I am on the West Coast, so sleeping until a little after 1pm when you go to sleep at 7am isn’t that odd.) I tuned into TBS to see right after the last pitch had been thrown.
The Yankees won 15-0. A complete SMACK DOWN, and I hadn’t seen any of it. Interesting.
Today is a very slow day for baseball. There’s only a couple of games being played and thank goodness-The Yankees aren’t one of them.
Was that crazy psychic right? Am I cursed when I’m in love? Right when I express and write about how I’m in love with The Yankees, these “coincidences”  happen?
Maybe I should pay some psychic to cleanse me of that supposed curse? I’d like to have a boyfriend that sticks someday, and I’d like to be able to watch The Yankess-I love them and I want them to WIN, to win it ALL. 
Or maybe I should do what I always do—ignore all of it. Keep believing that I’ll find love and keep watching The Yankees. If love is meant for me, it’ll find me. If The Yankees are meant to win, they will.
Afterall…How real can a curse be?
What do you think?

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