“And The Yankees…

Inexpilcably & inexcusably go down 2 games to 3 to the Washington Nationals.” ~Michael Kay.


WOW. I mean, WOW. I’ve never heard MK sound so PISSED at a loss. BUT WOW, SO TRUE.

And today was the last day of my little experiment. I DID NOT WATCH this game, and The Yankees-well, you know…They umm, LOST AGAIN to THE NATIONALS. My Superstition is gone, I no longer wonder if I am in some strange way cursed (at least when it comes to The Yankees winning or losing games) when it comes to my love life-that’s a different story.

I had no intention to watch today’s game, hence the fact that I thought that the game was at it’s usual time, 4 PM Pacific.

I was really surprised to start up my computer after my MRA appointment at 6:30 PM here to find that the “Postgame alert for the New York Yankees” email had already hit my computer. “Wow, quick game.” I thought. Ummmmm….No. The game started, or was supposed to start at 1 in NY. Long delay was more like it, not quick game.

As if my head didn’t already hurt terribly bad from the ultra noisy MRA, not to be confused with an MRI. If you EVER know anyone going for an MRA tell them to wear ear plugs, even if they have headphones with music. The MRA noise and the MRI noise do not even compare. If you think an MRI is loud, huh…I think I nuclear bomb might be quieter. Seriously.

Anyway, as if my head & neck didn’t already hurt terribly from the MRA…I pondered whether to wait for the Highlights on MLB.TV or just open the email and see by just how much The Yank’s won. I had guessed that it would be a blow-out. Something even better than their 15-0 win from (what seems like) a year ago to The Mets-something like 20-0. It could happen. Hell, it NEEDED to happen, and besides-I wasn’t watching. They had to win.

So, I decide to just screw it and open the email. I’m not the most patient person, the game wouldn’t hit MLB.TV for at least an hour and I thought I had already done pretty well by not trying to watch the game at all.

All of a sudden not only my neck & head hurt but I’m left to crawl on my hands and knees blindly searching the corners of the other side of my bedroom for my eyeballs after I saw this:

Washington 3, N.Y. Yankees 0 at Yankee Stadium

I read it again. And then again. It took me at least 4 times and a lot of blinking to understand that not only The F’N NATIONALS won AGAIN, but THE F’N YANKEES didn’t score AT ALL.

This is officially a very SH*TY day.

After I calmed down, I went to MLB.com to see what ELSE happened in the incredibly cruel world of MLB when I spotted the headline:

Gardner carted off field after hitting outfield wall

Oh my GOD. I hope he’s ok. Now I’m not so mad. I hope he’s ok.

Then I saw Sports Center, I saw all of the nothingness that was in the stands and on the field. Urgh. Gag. Oh, and I also saw Gardner sitting up and talking, seemingly just fine-being carted off of the field. Yeah, he hit the wall pretty hard, and bonked his head whiplash style…I suppose it could have been bad. But lets face it, they were suckin’ it way before he hit the wall and-didn’t he catch that ball anyway? Hmmmph.

Oh, and THEN…I see this lovely little article:


Sox proving they are East’s best

Boston shows mettle by winning nine of 12 vs. top teams

PHILADELPHIA — The Evil Empire has been inhaling strong fumes from Red Sox Nation exhausts for a week now. That’s how long it’s been since Boston knocked the Yankees out of first place in American League East during an impressive three-game sweep.

In fact, the Red Sox have taken all eight games from the “Empire” this season. That’s a bad omen for the Yankees, who paid heavily during the offseason with the sole purpose of returning to the top perch in the division their goal.

Anything short of playing postseason baseball in the luxurious new $1.5 billion House That George Built will make 2009 an utter failure.

But when you’re in the heavy traffic of the American League East and not on the front end, the air gets a little heavy following the leader.

F’N  F  YOU  A**HOLE!   F YOU!

I couldn’t read more than that. But if you want to, here’s the article. STUPID ARTICLE BY Hal Bodley

What’s funny is that he wrote this article 3 days ago. BEFORE we lost the series to THE NATIONALS. Oh, I can’t wait to see what comes out now. GOD!

Can ya tell-I’m a little pissed? God how today SUCKED.






  1. rocklandyanks

    Its funny how i think every Yankee fan feels the same way. The media outlets always have the love affair with the Red Sox, partially because alot of them are from NE, and partially because its easy to be a bosox fan at the moment, so hey, why not hop on? But I agree with you about pretty much everything. Except I’ve never had and MRA so i’ll withhold judgement 😉


  2. Jane Heller

    Just got home from NY and am too exhausted to think, but wanted to commiserate about today’s game, which, mercifully I missed while I was flying across the country. I had this sinking feeling the Yanks would lose this series because they were expected to win it – like in a sweep. If George were still in charge, we’d be able to hear his rumblings from here. But not a peep out of the Little Steins. Interesting.


  3. heryankeefandiary

    Empire-You know what I hate, the fact that when The Yanks suck so hard to lose a series to The Nationals and ALMOST to The Mets and COMPLETELY to the Red Sox-it’s all about how the season is tanked, we’re never gonna win again and we’re smelling Boston’s fumes, the new stadium is a huge loss. BUT when Boston slides down the slippery slope it’s ALL about HOW & WHEN they will get back up and CRUSH New York. They’re never raked over the coals the way we are. Yeah-I hate that. Then again, I suppose when you only win ONE World Series in 1,000 years compared to winning 26 in 100-that’s gonna happen. SO, I guess it’s ok. =)

    Jane-You’re so right, George would have spun his head off in complete disgust-publicly shaming the men into looking like little boys. Honestly, that was always something I hated about George. When he would call Torre out, it would infuriate me. I doubt that the “Little Steins” have kept quiet behind the scenes. At least I hope not. At least to $man. But, I also doubt that ANY one of The Yankee players don’t hate this a million times more than we do. And that makes me feel better. LOL

    Dang…Look at me over here with the cup is half full, or somethin’. Weird. =) ~V~

  4. heryankeefandiary

    Not that anyone around here would care to point out my mistake-Boston has won TWO World Series. Huh, on second thought, I guess I wasn’t too far off. =)


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