Yes, No…Maybe So.

I watched today’s game. The Yankees lost today’s game. To The Nationals. I suppose, thankfully-that no one can say that The Nationals played as they have been-which hasn’t been good. So, they played well…Then again, Wong pitched and for a little bit there I thought he would do what needed to be done. But, he did what he has been doing…Handing it over. And then, unfortunately-our offense couldn’t produce. Close, but no cigar.

I won’t watch tomorrow’s game. Even if I wasn’t having an MRA done at the same time the game starts-I still wouldn’t watch. Yankees will win tomorrow. Just wait and see.



  1. JQuist

    *Agreed. If we lose 2 straight to the Nationals, I’ll cover the Yankee logo on my hat with electric tape. (For a day…)

  2. heryankeefandiary

    JQuist-I was out of it today when I left the house without a hat…It is hot and sunny here and I was taking my dogs to the Dog Park for a bit. I ran back inside and grabbed my favorite Yankee hat. It didn’t occur to me to cover the NY, however if I were thinking clearly-I wouldn’t have worn it period. I could swear I heard dogs laughing at me & pointing, making jokes about how Washington D.C. is the Capital of the Country-not New York…Or maybe that was the guy in the Angles hat? Hmmmm…

    Rocklandyanks-All you had to do was ask me if I was watching the game, and you’d know then that they would lose. And the only reason they’ll win today-like 20-0, is because I won’t be watching. LOL, read my previous post “Deadly Lover” for that to make sense. Hee hee hee.

    Thanks for visiting my blog guys!

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