An AMAZING Baseball Day

The College World Series was on ALL day. It’s strange to hear the clank of an aluminum bat hit a baseball, and the feel of the fans and the game is so different than MLB, and very fun to watch.
Then, not only did The Yank’s win (Thank God), but Boston lost, Toronto also lost-to The Nationals-so we’re not the only ones and The Dodgers @ Angels was an amazing game. It was surely playoff caliber playing and almost like a tennis match going back and forth and back and forth. Pitching was great, hitting was great, fielding was sick and the fans were outstanding. Living here in So. Cal, it’s all about The Dodgers or The Angels and since I live about 10 minutes from “The Big A” I can’t help but be a fan. The Angels won-in near walk-off fashion. When the Friday Fireworks went off-I could hear them from my house.
I’m also a fan of The Dodgers, definitely more since Torre became The Manager last year-I can’t help but love the man, and I miss him with The Yankees. And I have to admit that since Manny Ramirez joined The Dodgers-the team has a completely new feel. I was really disappointed when he got suspended, I love watching him play, yes-even when he was with The Red Sox. Truth be told, I actually really enjoy watching The Red Sox play. They are a great team, of course I always want them to lose-but I still like watching them them play.
Tonight’s game-The Dodgers @ Angels…Oh I can’t wait. It’s Weaver vs Weaver, of course that would be more fun at The Dodgers ballpark because they would actually be pitching to each other-but this will still be good. They are both very good pitchers, I’ve seen Jared pitch more than Jeff-but they almost look identical on the mound, it’s a trip. I actually thought that match-up was going to be last night and I was very disappointed I’d have to wait till today to watch, but last nights game was anything but a disappointment.
I hope today’s baseball is a repeat of yesterdays. The Yanks win, Boston loses, Toronto loses and “The Brothers” give us a show.


  1. crzblue2

    The brothers did put on a show. i was worry at the beginning watching Jeff but he came thru! I am so happy for him! I told him at Camelback Ranch that I was glad to have “our guerito” back. He said and without any accent “Also flaquito” which means skinny.
    Yeah! Dodgers Won! Rubber game tomorrow!
    Emma _Bleeding Dodger Blue

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