About heryankeefandiary

<![CDATA[Vanessa was born in Colombia, South America but raised in San Diego, California from the age of nine months-old to the age of eight years-old. From that point her family moved to Orange County, California-where she still resides. Divorced and single, Vanessa has quite a little family-her thirteen year-old son-Jonah, her Rat Terrier-Honey Pie, her Italian Greyhound/Chihuahua Mix-Rosita, her cat-Tweetie Bird, and her cute and playful rats-Chubbers, Dash and Punky. They all get along very well…Most of the time.

She is an Operations Manager of a Veterinary Hospital and it’s safe to say that Vanessa is an animal lover-nearly surrounded by animals 24 hours a day. “Animals give unconditional love, are completely honest, they don’t judge and they’re adorable.” Maybe someday she’ll live on a real farm.

Baseball has been a growing passion of hers over the last decade. Now she’s completely hooked. She’s in-love with The Yankees and there’s no way that’s ever going to change. She’s known to watch two baseball games at once-one on TV (usually Dodger or Angel games) while watching The Yankees on MLB.com and visit MLB.com throughout the day for stats, reports and the latest news…She knows what’s going on with MLB and loves to discuss it. ESPN in general & especially “Baseball Tonight” is a staple. ]]>


The Yankees, Writing, Reading, Drawing,
Pets, The Beach, Snorkeling & my 13 year-old boy who has
no interest in baseball at all.