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Why I Love Baseball


Ohhhh Baseball…How I love you.
do I love baseball? For lots of reasons. Lets get the obvious out of
the way first. When it comes to Major League sports, I have no doubt
that there is not a better group of good looking men. The players are
HOT. Posting pictures of every good looking man in baseball would take
me hours…So, I’ll just concentrate on my boys, The Yankees.
Derek Jeter
Derek Jeter Big Smile.jpg                           
Johny Damon 

johnny_damon bat.jpg

Johny Damon Smile.jpg
Francisco Cerveli 
Francsico Cerveli JPG.JPG                                        

Brett Gardner
Brett Gardner Steals.jpg
Brett Gardner Hitting.jpg

Andy Pettitte
andy-pettitte-warmups-180.jpgMelky Cabrera

Melky Cabrara.jpg                                       

Joba Chamberlain

Joba-Chamberlain Pitching.jpg
20_joba_lgl.jpgYes, they are quite a yummy group. Hmmmmmm. Makes me happy.
is just one endless parade of eye candy. But it isn’t a hard and fast
rule. It isn’t as though it’s a prerequisite. (Is it?)  No, of course
not. There are exceptions. But even if a player isn’t particularly good
looking, MOST baseball players have great bodies. I’m thinkin’ butts,
legs, arms. But, as I write this I am trying very hard to put Tim
Wakefield’s beer belly out of my head.
imagesbeerbelly.jpgFine. I guess it isn’t THAT bad…Then again, who knows? That could be Tim…

Thumbnail image for DSC03893.JPG
ICK. I had to look at it WAY too much the other night when he pitched
his stupid knuckle ball to my precious Yankees and they lost to The Red
Sox for a second time in a row and for seven straight. And now I’m
trying to put that very vivid memory out of my head.  Oh, the horror.
Oh the pregnant-like waddle. Oh God, I think I’m gonna puke.

I’m back. Nasty, nasty taste lingering in my mouth. But that’s mostly
from all of the losses to the Red Sox, compounded by the fact that one
of them was dealt to us by Mr. Prego Red Sox. Urgh.
Shake it off. Shake it off.
boys in baseball are hot, have great bodies & unfortunately-there
are exceptions. Lets not go there anymore than I already have. No need
to linger in the unpleasantness.
have legitimate reasons to love baseball-its not all about T&A or
in this case A&B (Arms & Butts). I love baseball because of the
GAME itself. 
I Love:
  • The crack of the ball hitting the bat just so-and you know that it’ll be a home run.

Home Plate Happy.jpg

  • The duel between hitter and pitcher. The manager’s pulling the strings from their respective dugouts.


  • I even love the anxiety when the opposing team have 1st, 2nd & 3rd
    taken with only 1 or 0 outs. Will he get out of it? Will there be a
    grounder, a double play? Will there be a pop up and a throw to home?
    Will he hit it through the middle? Will there (GASP!) be a Grand Slam?

  • The
    insane run-downs on the balls hit into the outfield, obviously with
    (when they’re good) no care for their own health and safety. Web Gem’s


  • The crouched Catcher. Sorry, can’t help it.

Thank you Lord for Francisco Cerveli.
Mo thanks you too.

  • The excitement of The Yanks on all the bases, the question of how many are we going to score, not IF we are.

  • I
    love knowing the strike zone and knowing when the umpire is off-it
    doesn’t matter if we’re batting or pitching. I know-that’s the point.
    But, I do express my gratitude or absolute disgust if the wrongness
    doesn’t go our way.

  • When
    infielders dive or jump to grab a ball from reaching the outfield. Or
    catch the all important pop-up in the bottom of the 9th. (Luis
    Castillo). Web Gems rule. What a GEM!
Huh, I guess he does have two hands.

  • And I even like it when for one reason or another-the benches clear. What!?! I can’t help it. Someone snaps and the sh*t hits the fan and BAM! Men everywhere! No, I don’t like it when things get physical. I don’t want anyone getting hurt or suspended. It’s just fun to see them almost get there. Warning’s to both benches. The ante goes up and immediately the game just got a whole lot better. Hee, hee, hee.  

Bench Clear.jpgI miss Bobby on OUR team.

  • That
    makes me think of Manger’s getting into the faces of the Umpire’s. Angry,
    nasty verbal assaults. I wish I could hear-even though I can read lips
    rather well-it isn’t the same.

Girardi Argues Ump.jpg

OK, so I like hostility. They’re MEN, we’re all HUMAN. They should do that stuff and I as a woman-like it.
Is it any wonder that I also love Action-Adventure & Sci-Fi movies, a good fight scene and guns?
I know…I can’t help being the perfect woman. (Yeah Right!) Now, all I need is the
perfect man. (Yeah, Right!)  But, until then I have an entire league of them doing what
I love to see…
Play baseball.

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